Sunday, June 17, 2007

Passing in Soccer is like Trading in the Global economy: Everyone wonders why you are successful

Soccer: Making scoring shots is usually the easy part. The challenge is getting the ball into that position.
Business: Signing to close a deal is usually the easy part. The challenge is getting the deal ready for the signatures.
Soccer: Passing leads to success in soccer.
Business: Trading leads to success in business.
Soccer: Having great ball skills is fine and dandy.
Business: Having business brilliance is fine and dandy.
Soccer: The other team has 11 players that constantly want you to lose.
Business: The business world's competition makes sports look positively gentlemanly and calm by contrast.
Soccer: Relying on one or two great players will be quite easy for the competition to stop.
Business: Relying on one or two great business minds ignores the potential benefit of the others in the company, and oh, let's see, I think ENRON relied on a couple key leaders and they lost $70 billion in 6 weeks. (The leaders are either dead or in jail.)
Soccer: Before you receive the ball think whom you might be able to pass it to.
Business: Before problems arise, think whom you will call when they do.
Soccer: Pass the ball. Be 11 moving targets for the other team.
Business: Trade with everyone and share all ideas in the company to keep the competition reeling.

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