Saturday, December 6, 2008

Young Man and Old Woman alike: protect thyself

Research is quite clear that college soccer players' IQ's decrease due to the pounding that the head takes in the normal course of soccer life when measured against non-soccer-heading control group members. Nobody would play Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Polo, Water Polo (others?) without significant cranium protection. The social stigma is the only thing left. There used to be social stigma in each of these sports against helmeting, but that will change. If for no other reason, Insurance companies with be moving in during the coming years and requiring helmets.

Soccer is next to see the light, and not just for the goalie, but that would be a healthy start. The only thing left is absolute data the shows the protective effects of a soccer helmet. That is coming.

Mom, dad, helmet your child. Heck, helmet yourself if you play. Even small blows have significant negative results for the brain over time.

In the mean time, one thing to do is to make sure the ball is not heavier than it should be due to water-logging. Getting hit with a light soccer is bad enough, getting hit with a something akin to a bowling ball is quite another level of stupification.

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