Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Soccer Pro Arenas Part 4 - Dick's Sporting Goods Park

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Colorado soccer is pretty cold for the beginning and end of the MLS season, but an indoor facility wouldn't do for the rugged fans of in this state.

Yet another great soccer facility. The MLS would do well to not let any new teams into the league without this style of facility either already built or under construction.

Life is too short to go to a soccer game in RFK with 50,000 empty seats for a United game. Fans have got to feel like I do when I join the 300 for the Fresno State Women's games in the 44,000 seat Bulldog stadium: alone.

Fortunately, the soccer-specific stadiums are still under $100 million (the Galaxy/Chivas Center was more but included a tennis arena) and that is almost pocket change for the bigwigs that own these teams and can twist a few arms of city council members for public/private deals to get them built.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park Rating: B

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