Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Soccer's Pro Arenas part 3 - Outside of Chicago

View from the pressbox
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Leave it to Chicago to ironically name their soccer team after an actual historical event that killed many and destroyed a quarter of the city in 1871. I don't think that in my lifetime I will see the day when New Orleans names a team the Hurricanes or better yet the Katrinas.

Anyway, Toyota Park is not a small drive for anyone living downtown, but in 2006 the Fire moved from Soldiers field to their own home in the suburbs.

Toyota Park holds 20,000. I assume that every luxury box would have to be at capacity to reach that since one end of the stadium is mainly a McDonald's and only has a spattering of seats.

It is another nice place to watch soccer.

In a future set of posts I will get into the seating in these newer arenas. History and money have led to some interesting compromises for the fans badunkadunks. I know that all my European readers are wondering why we ever sit a soccer game, since many of their stadiums don't even have seats. Maybe we are lazy and rich and fat, and maybe it is just not as life-controlling for us to go to a soccer "match".

Toyota Park Stadium Rating: B

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