Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where is the best chance to stop this offender?

To state the obvious, a soccer goal is in the center of the field. One would think that pushing a defender away from the center would be the best plan. In the video, at about second # 44 as the video counts down, the defender pushes Messi to the inside. It is at this point that the defending goalie is now much more concerned than he was just two seconds before. A person with high level ball and deception skills like Messi must not be allowed close to the goal.

I think that a second point about professional soccer can be made with this stunning attack. The defenders' main defense is not to play the ball, or (as I stated above) to rely on normal tactical defenses, but instead attempt to foul the offensive player before he reaches the penalty box. It appears that two,maybe three, of the defenders attempt to trip or push him. Fortunately for the brilliance of soccer, he is simply too fast for them to catch.

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