Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sometimes it IS the referee's fault

The foul occurs almost out of bounds, but the ref allows Aravena to move the ball a couple of yards up field. Not hard to see what he was planning to attempt when he made this move. It hasn't ever been a shot I could make myself, but it isn't that hard for those that have practiced it. The complete key here is that Aravena knew from having practiced thousands of times exactly where the ball had to be to be able to arc the ball in. Set shots like this can be dangerous because they can be practiced to near perfection by the offensive player.

Point #2: the defensive wall is really not of any value, other the actually hinder the goalie from seeing the whole flight of the ball. A wall is designed to stop a shot. The only kind of shot possible from that ball location was exactly the kind of high looping shot that the shooter took. The wall members should have sensed their futility and done something else, anything else.

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