Friday, May 15, 2009

Soccer cheeleaders? Of course.

Soccer cheerleaders aren't as common as with football and basketball, but much more so than baseball and golf. I applaud the applauders.

I have played on squads with cheerleaders and without, and I guess, oddly enough the presence of cheerleaders lent an air of legitimacy to our whole soccer endeavor. They outnumbered the fans at some of my games, so they didn't have a huge crowd to lead in cheers. Still, I was touched that they would go to all the effort to organize, buy their equipment and show up to support the team.

Soccer cheerleaders aren't common in English Premiership games, so some soccer fans don't see their place. Two points: this isn't England (nor Italy nor Germany), and I really don't think that most fans would argue to much if teams calmly started adding yell leaders to Premiership games. Oh, yes, the girls/women's matches could use guy cheer support! Fair is fair.

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