Friday, February 13, 2009

22nd in the world is correct

The US beat Mexico Wednesday night to put Mexico in a serious hole to even qualify for South Africa. But the story here is the US. Well, the lack of a great US team is the story. Mexico was playing without 3 normal starters. True, the US didn't have a couple of its super-estrellas either (Adu, Atladore). While the first goal is a thing of beautiful determination, it was also a study in not-going-to-the-ball by the Mexican defense.

I didn't even like the second goal, since the Mexican defense was completely asleep and the keeper appears to let the ball go right through his hands. Not his fingers, but his hands and most of his upper body a well. Unbelievable. Ugly. Not a good sign for either team.

FIFA ranks the US 22nd best in the world right now. Fine. 22nds in the world don't win it all every four years. When is the 300,000,000 strong US of A going to field a top 10 contender for the World cup? Not sure. But this team ain't it.

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