Friday, January 2, 2009

Offside. The Movie. The first time Offside is good thing.

I saw the movie Offside recntly. It is a recreation of when Iran played Bahrain in the 2006 World Cup qualifier and the main theme is that women are not allowed into the stadium (at least no Iranian women). A few young women attempt to disguise themselves and get in. The ones that are caught and detained are placed in a very lax holding area where most of the film takes place.

The indefensible nature of the no-women policy is approached from various angles. I enjoyed it because I don't really know much about Iran even though I hear about it nearly every day. With a Soccer subtext, it is a good combination.

It is a fictionalization of what probably happened to some women during that 2006 qualifier. 92 minutes. Worth more than 92 minutes.

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