Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paul Bunyan needs ..... too

But what to call them. There doesn't seem to be complete agreement in the soccer "community" what the only real equipment should be called.
Boots? Cleats? Shoes? Yes, all these words are used for soccer footwear*. I myself call them cleats, but I am ancient, and I hear the under 30 crowd using the generic word "shoes" more these days. Perhaps the growing prevalence of indoor/non-cleated soccer footwear has changed this a little. Who knows. It's all good. Just play. I ask that word snobbery be left to some other activity and look down NOT on your fellow soccer player for a slight change in vocabulary. Soccer players are too few to alienate even one over such a triviality.

*(I think "boots" is mainly across the pond.)

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