Saturday, December 20, 2008

Every step my foot takes is a gift

Sierra Leone has a large enough number of amputees from the recent insanity (war) that they held a tournament for all those with soccer skills but without the legs God originally gave them.

Amazing. Inspiring. Angering. Human.

Full report after the jump. Incredibly, the players seem basically to just be nervous about their soccer games, not staring 24/7 at where their missing foot used to be.

Update: I think this picture is an example of why people keep investing in the future, like investing in the stock market in hopes that other people's effort will yield positive results some day. If these guys are so optimistic as to be playing games and expending great energy to do so better than than the other guys, than how much more possible might it be that some guy at Google or Dow is working with equal effort on some big money project that is about to become very profitable for their company. Humanity has its moments of greatness.

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