Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soccer on Tv just stinks

I have never enjoyed Soccer on TV. The screen is too small to see the entire action. With less knowledge of other sports, I don't know if this is true in other athletic areas. Better Soccer is soccer taken in live. The whole field can be viewed. The small shifts that change everything can be seen, without relying on the camera to accidentally get it right.

I had high hopes that HD TV would solve this for me. It doesn't. It is better, but still not enough.

I suppose TV soccer is enough of a shadow of the real thing that its existence shouldn't be questioned, but tv will not attract new fans. It just isn't that great of an experience. Imagine your first soft drink had been Diet Coke. You might never go back. Tv soccer is the diet soda of the sports world.

Watch live soccer. Full sugar. Full flavor. No weird aftertaste.

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