Saturday, March 8, 2008

Practice set shots your entire.... life

A weak Fulham side tied my newest preferred team in the EPL, Blackburn, today. Blackburn got a decent goal and then with maybe 4 minutes to play, Fulham was awarded a free kick at about the 24 yard line. Fulham's star for the day, Bullard, had a teammate tap the ball and then sent the ball over the wall with spin to bring its energy back down and into the upper left corner to tie the game. They were ecstatic. Blackburn has the best goalie (Brad Friedel) in the best league in the world right now - he was defenseless against such a shot. Imagine what your opponent will do if you can even approach Bullard's skill today: They will be standing there thinking "We are doomed!" Having a player on the other team with this kind of skill is like having a mansion on skid row and no friends in the police department.

Practice set plays like that all you can. 10 per day. 15 per day is better. Success with these shots can make you the hero very fast.

David Beckham is a quality player, but his true brilliance is on set shots just like this one.

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