Friday, September 7, 2007

Soccer Math 101: Goalkeeper - Brain = Goal

I can not believe the huge mistake the goalkeeper makes in coming out so far.
This video (first 30 seconds) gives no reason for the keeper to be 25 yards from the goal mouth.

Keepers: please remember that every step you take moving away from the goal line is a step that you will have to undo to get back to fully protecting the goal. Every step is really two, so be cautious.

In such an important game, with several defenders in the area, I can't help but believe that the goalkeeper coach had a heart attack and stroke all in one on seeing the keeper running free on the field.

Defenders: IF you have to, just catch the ball outside the goal to prevent the goal, and drop it in front of the goal. They will get a penalty kick and you a yellow or red card. But they may miss the penalty kick and , well, one goal is LOT in some games. It is an option. It is a nuclear option with big implications, but it is an option. Hey, the US dropped the nuclear bomb and we are STILL friends with Japan. And you can get a yellow or red card for a lot less than stopping a sure goal.

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