Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's a Team Sport

So here (1 min. video) is a nice bit of ball control, but the best part is that the player knows when to stop. He passes to an open teammate for an easy goal.

Point #1 to consider: sometimes, one person SHOULD keep the ball and dribble around a few people . Yes, Yes, I know that what I just said is poison speech for some coaches. Well, I think this player was correct, because you pass when you have no other options. As a game progresses, you can determine who you can beat with a high percentage of probability and who you can't. Somtimes (not always, you ball hogs in the group) your best option is to keep the ball and not just pass to your own defender.

Point #2: his teammates didn't stop and wait for him to go coast to coast. They knew where he would most need them, and they went there. This kind of goal seems obvious, but is very difficult to defend.

That is why it was successful.

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