Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Maryland SoccerPlex - WOW!

Anyone living in the D.C. area familiar with soccer (lacrosse, rugby) probably already knows about this but this is a beautiful facility and set of fields. They will have a total of 4 lighted field for fall of '07. That is more than most large cities, and this is at just one place. Parking is spread closely to most of the 19 fields. Yes, 19. And there are plans and space for 5 more. If every field had a game going at the same time (11 v. 11) that would be 418 people playing soccer at the same time in one facility. I hope they have a big supply of quality referees, but I won't hold my breath about that.

The Women's pro team the Washington Freedom play in the stadium field pictured, which seats 3200.

This picture is from the sky of the whole facility: 5 mb. (pdf)- not safe for dial-up.

Every 100 miles there should be a facility like this, IMO.

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