Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the loneliness of the goalkeeper

the loneliness of the goalkeeper
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Yes. Keepers can be lonely. If they are, the rest of the team is doing its job.

Lots of people have the physical ability to play goalkeeper. Few have the mind for it.

However, here is the response to every goal that is scored:
Do: Get the ball out of the net calmly (instruct you teammates to leave it there. It is YOUR goal to tend, not their goal*). This is not a rush job. Walk the ball far enough so that you can comfortably roll the ball (with your hands) to midfield. Now quickly move back to your goal.

Don't ever: say anything the slightest bit negative to any teammate. Every goal could have been stopped by you, remember? It may be clear that a defender messed up. Never say anything negative. Not even once. You are in charge of that goal. No one else. You want your team to believe that YOU believe this. It will give them comfort to know that the most important person on the team is not threatened by scores, and they will go out and get goals more quickly for you.

*If the other team removes the ball in any way after they score on you immediately and calmly approach the head ref and clarify that you consider that unsportsmanlike conduct. Don't ask for a call, just clarify with the referee that you know how to be a classy player, and that you don't appreciate unclassy play by anyone. Referees respect this spirit.

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